WRAG was established in 2019, WRAG is a nonprofit organization in the field of humanitarian and peace building works closely with governmental, intergovernmental and non-governmental partners.


With 5 member states, WRAG is dedicated in promoting humanitarian and Peace's work for the benefit of the less privileged and too all. It does so by providing services and counseling to the less privileged and youths to empower them for a better tomorrow.


WRAG works to help and support the less privileged in order for them to ensure a better future, to promote cooperation, to assist in the search for pramatic solutions to problems and to provide humanitarian assistance to society in need, including internally displaced people.


WRAG works in the five broad areas:
A) Education
B) Health
C) Peace
D) Agriculture
E) Environment


Our Mission:

We reach out to the less privilege and youths to disseminate information and to promote their learning to acquire sustainability in health, peace, education, agriculture and the environment by empowering lives for the present and future generations

Our Vision

We strives to contribute to a society where everyone lives a healthy life within a conducive environment and enable them strive for a better tomorrow

Our slogan

Lifting our Generation

Our goal

Is to equip community members with the knowledge and skills that will create a positive change on health care, education, Career Development for a better world.

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