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WRAG has decided to commence with her agricultural project where, they have cultivated Cassava, maize, watermelon, beans, groundnuts, etc. To promote sustainability.

Peace Building

Conflict is inevitable but peace is a necessity. WRAG is not just a charity organization but we are also out to promote peace amongst youths and the society at large

COVID-19 Response to an Orphanage

COVID-19 is taking so much from us, but it’s also giving us something special: the opportunity to come together as one humanity, to work together, to learn together and to grow together.

Community Service

One of our objective is to help the community. As servant leaders we identify problems in the society and try to bring solutions. In this like we identified the problem of drainage in the Columbia neighborhood in Yaounde. Rain water had destroyed the road due to poor drainage making it difficult for vehicles to easily again access. So we decided to dedicate a day to render a free service to this community.

The Street Children

What do you know about street children?
Street children are poor or homeless children who live on the streets of a city, town, or village.

Health Relief

Health has always been the challenge of the less privilege. Aunty Rose is an IDP in Yaounde who has been bedridden for close to four years now with a rare disease, living under bad conditions (caraboot hut) with mother, brother and daughter who is also infected with the same disease.

COVID-19 Response to the Community

Community at heart.... amidst the panic of the deadly pandemic, we took to the street, moving from door to door today precisely at the obobogo-colombia neighborhood in Yaounde sensitizing individuals and families on the need to constantly wash their hands with soap and clean water and the need of staying in their homes so as to be safe.

Operation Save the Cancer Child

His name is Prince, he is 8 years old suffering from Burkitt Lymphoma Cancer. He came from a poor background and his parents do not have the money to sustain his bills and to undergo his surgery.

The concept of Sickle cell Child

In 2010, Kundeh Rosaline gave birth to a baby girl. She named her Kundeh Patience. Before her birth, Rosaline had no idea that she carried the sickle cell trait (SCT). After the delivery, she had no idea about her daughter being anemic. It was only during the child's 10years birthday when watchman Relief Association Global took the child for consultation that it was noticed that the child has been anemic for almost 10 years now.

Our challenge

Our challenge..........................

What People are Saying

Our Success Stories

Mecaley Gladys

I just want to appreciate what am seeing today, to imagine that a group of youths instead of seeing that they fly to Europe to look for jobs to enrich themselves, they are instead out to see how to help the less privilege is something to appluade. I will like to thank the president and his team for the wonderful vision and May the Almighty God continue to give watchman Relief Association Global the strength to continue to do their best in supporting the less privilege. Where there is a will there's a way. I want to thank the organization immensely for their great support and help towards impacting an empowering the Youths especially us the IDPs. WRAG has been the backbone of youth empowerment and promoting living together especially now that we are in a crisis period. We will not stop praying and supporting them until they achieve their goals.

Exon Empire

Time to uphold the roots.

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